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The treatments

cancer treatmentWhat are we doing exactly in our treatments?

First of all, our treatments are the result of intensive independent research. Our research center, which consists of a large number of international scientists, has been working on the immune system for more than 30 years.

We have found that most diseases are due to a disturbed immune system, also or especially cancer, but also many more diseases.

Our immune system is very complex and has been perfected for millennia. But then came the industrialization and this was the beginning of all the diseases we know today and they are increasing rapidly.

So what can stop these diseases? One thing is certain: pharmaceuticals can not. Worldwide, about 50 million people die each year of pharmaceuticals. Why? Because pharmaceuticals are chemical compounds that do not eliminate the causes of disease, on the contrary, they are even largely responsible for the causes themselves.

Our body just needs a healthy immune system. That's exactly what we take care of. We first rid the organism of all the polluting substances that have been stored in the organism. Strictly speaking, the immune cells do that themselves, we merely animate them. Through certain plant extracts, the immune system is strengthened, along with the lymphatic system. During the entire treatment, our patients are separated from all chemistry, including personal care products and toothpaste. The patients receive all from us, but on a purely natural basis.

Our patients are also isolated from contaminated air, which is why our hospital is located on Samal Island. The air is so clean here that you do not even have to dust it. You can test it yourself if you come to us. The meals consist of fresh vegetables and particularly strong fruits that are predominantly found only in Southeast Asia, including, for example, the graviola, but also many other very immune-supporting plants. All food is grown in our farm itself and of course without chemicals. We also keep poultry ourselves and the fish comes fresh from the sea.

During the whole time you will be medically supervised and examined. How big our treatment successes are, see our statistics.

One more important note: we are not so-called alternative physicians, we are classical physicians, but the difference to most of today's physicians is that we are not content with prescribing pharmaceuticals, but have the recovery of our patients in mind and we research the causes of diseases.