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Information about medicine and other things

Some results from our more than 30 years of scientific research


Our research focuses mainly on immunology and cellular biology. Our research helps to clearly define the development of diseases as well as to develop appropriate treatments.



We independently research in cooperation with other international scientists. We do not do research to get expected results, as most institutes do. We want to get true and unadulterated results.


Our research has contributed to the elucidation of many misunderstandings and misinterpretations in medicine.


Here are some misunderstandings and facts in medicine.

What are civilization diseases?

These are diseases that did not exist before. These include cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), most cardiovascular diseases, allergies, asthmatic diseases, most skin diseases and many more.

Various independent studies have proven that these diseases did not develop until after industrialization.


The influences on the development of these diseases are manifold, however, one can prevent most of the influences. This means that these diseases are curable.


Negative influences on the formation of these diseases include environmental pollution, polluted air (smog), chemically contaminated foods, chemicals in care products, fluoride in toothpastes and drinking water, and much more. People are poisoning themselves. But most of all, pharmaceuticals are responsible for the formation of most diseases. For example, many people regularly consume painkillers. However, very few people know that it is these drugs that put a heavy strain on the kidneys. Many dialysis patients were previously pain patients. All pharmaceuticals negatively burden the biological organism, there is no single pharmaceutical that actually heals a disease. A pharmaceutical makes the disease a bit more pleasant, nothing more. That's important to know.


In order to cure a disease, the cause must first be known. But which doctor still does an intensive anamnesis today? Selling pharmaceuticals is much more lucrative than curing disease. The main problem of today is business. The power has the big industry including the pharmaceutical industry. This industry has no interest in people being healthy. It's a billion dollar business to make people sick and then earn from them.


As soon as you leave the supermarket, you are supplied with innumerable chemical poisons that make you sick. Once you leave the doctor's treatment room with a prescription for pharmaceuticals, you are supplied with chemicals that destroy your organs bit by bit.

Another example: There is the misconception that chemotherapy cures cancer. This is nonsense! No single chemotherapy has healed a cancer patient so far. This chemotherapy can shrink a tumor and prolong the disease, you can not expect a cure. After chemotherapy is always before chemo, if you survive this painful procedure at all. Many people with cancer die from chemotherapy. A total of more than 50 million people worldwide die of pharmaceuticals each year.


Most so-called civilization diseases are curable. Especially cancer and multiple sclerosis are considered incurable. This is a lie of the pharmaceutical industry. In the treatments that bring no cure, the pharmaceutical industry makes undreamt of profits. Yes, modern medicine is a business. All this has nothing to do with the desire to heal people. You can not make a profit with healthy people. That is obvious, right?


Which solution is there? First, every patient must know these dark backgrounds, only then can he receive a successful treatment. Prof. L. Dayeng has intensively researched the causes of these so-called diseases of civilization. He has carried out research internationally in many regions. The results are consistent with the results of many other researchers.

These so-called diseases of civilization exist almost exclusively in industrial regions in which many pharmaceuticals are consumed. In regions with little industry, clean air and low consumption of pharmaceuticals, these diseases are hardly or not at all. Now you do not have to be a scientist to recognize the connections. So if you want to get well, you just have to change your way of life. In detail: Waiving of chemically contaminated food, invariably regional and untreated vegetables and fruits, abandonment of industrial care products (shower gels, shampoos, fluorine-loaded toothpastes, skin creams), fluorine-contaminated drinking water and so on. Many say: But that's not possible, in this day and age you just do not have time for it. But, that's the only way to get well and stay healthy. Natural care products can be found on the Internet or even, without much effort, make yourself. This also applies to detergents. Particularly important is the renunciation of pharmaceuticals, these are the main cause of most diseases including or especially cancer and organ diseases. Incidentally, you not only help yourself to become healthy and stay, they also stop unnecessary animal experiments.

On this occasion I would like to go into some myths. It goes without saying that certain plants have great healing properties, and we ourselves use many of these plants for our therapies. However, it has absolutely no effect to consume these plants and then hope that one gets well. An illustrative example: If someone stands on a very small island on which a fire has broken out, then it is no use having a fire extinguisher in your hand. Then you bring a boat to leave the island. It is exactly this boat that is changing the way of life to get well. For example, if you consume a medicinal plant but still eat chemically-contaminated food and use chemically-contaminated skin care and poison your body with pharmaceuticals, then the medicinal plant can not perform miracles, of course.

The therapies of the Dayeng Foundation, led by Prof. L. Dayeng, change the starting point to become healthy. First we release the entire organism from all the negative influences that poison the body. After the therapy, the patient receives detailed information on how to keep his body free in the future from all the negative influences. The healing success of our therapies has been proven to be well over 90%. However, we can only help people who are willing to understand the context and change their way of life accordingly. Every human being decides for a long or short life.



Without anamnesis no cure

The basic requirement for successful treatment. Anamnesis is the essential basis for making a diagnosis. At the first contact between patient and doctor, getting to know each other plays a special role.


Questions about the current complaints, as well as information about the life of the patient so far are important for the doctor to make a diagnosis.


Since the anamnesis is at the beginning of the doctor-patient relationship, it is particularly important for establishing a relationship of trust.


Anamnesis is a systematic questioning that focuses on the patient's state of health. Anamnesis is taken by the doctor or other person responsible for the treatment to find out about the patient's current medical condition, health history, special disposition, living conditions and genetic risk. The anamnesis is the basic requirement for the diagnosis. An individual therapy can not take place without an individual and intensive anamnesis.


What does the reality look like?

In classical medicine: Only very, very few doctors take the time for a sufficient history. Time is money. This sentence has also arrived in classical medicine. For this one must know the following: Doctors and therapists of the classical medicine are not independent. The pharmaceutical industry decides how diseases are treated. Doctors and therapists are paid by the pharmaceutical industry. Only the treatment costs alone are not enough to pay all costs a doctor's office. The doctors and therapists of classical medicine depend on the commissions of the pharmaceutical industry. For example, if a classical medicine doctor does not sell pharmaceuticals from the pharmaceutical industry and instead eliminates the real causes of a disease, the doctor will not make enough money. When a doctor advises a patient to change his diet, use natural products, and perform sun and water therapies, the doctor will not earn any more money. It is more lucrative sale the pharmaceuticals. Therefore, an intensive medical history is superfluous for most doctors. Important is the recipe block.


Diseased people who go to a doctor of classical medicine, can not hope for healing. Of course there are doctors who can not be enslaved by the pharmaceutical industry, but these doctors are very, very rare.


Almost all doctors of classical medicine use the same procedure. The doctors ask the patient about his complaints, then the doctor writes a prescription for pharmaceuticals. An individual anamnesis does not make a doctor. The cause of the disease is therefore never eliminated.



Many people suffer from allergies and there are more and more.

But why is it like that? First, one should know that before the so-called industrialization, allergies, as we know them today, did not exist. So what is the reason for the steady increase in allergies? There are negative and often toxic influences from outside that put a heavy strain on the immune system.


The immune system is a unique microcosm that perfectly protects the organism. For thousands of years, this perfect system has adapted and evolved, protecting us from all external influences. However, the immune system has no chance to deal with today's bombardment of toxic chemicals and others toxic tings. In only about 150 years, when industrialization began until today, the immune system can not adapt to these non-organic substances. The result is a partial or complete collapse of the immune system. The consequences are very well known to many allergic persons.


The most dangerous substances that cause allergies are: Chemical compounds and metallic substances in the air, in drinking water, in food, in cosmetics and personal care, in furniture, in clothing (mainly in chemical fibers and chemical colors) and especially in pharmaceuticals.


What usually happens when a person suffering from an allergy goes to his family doctor? Ninety-nine percent of doctors do not investigate the causes of the allergy, these doctors may do an allergy test, but the causes are manifold and not all can find an allergy test. But even if an allergy cause is located, many more causes can exist. In most cases, the doctor now looks in his pharmacology catalog and prescribes the allergic person other chemicals, in the form of pharmaceuticals, to combat symptoms. But what sense does that make? Not at all, it even aggravates the situation, because the immune system is now burdened with other chemical compounds.


So what is the only right and successful way. By way of example, we want to clarify that. Imagine a river in which chemical substances and metallic substances are continuously introduced. The important microorganisms that keep the river alive are gradually dying and all other life in the river as well. So what would be the point of trying to save the river with other chemicals?


The same applies to the biological organism of man. First, it must be prevented that other toxic substances enter the body, only then it is possible to rid the organism of these toxic substances. Now there is also an explanation why our treatments can only succeed in an clean environment. On Samal Island in the Philippines, the air and drinking water are pure, the food is unencumbered and the climate greatly supports successful treatment. In industrialized countries, successful treatment is not possible. The allergy sufferers will be able to confirm this, because they usually have a year-long ordeal behind them.

Of course, this principle of successful treatments in our clinic on Samal Island also applies to all other diseases.



The truth about flu shots

So-called flu outbreaks do not exist. Viruses are not swarms of locusts attacking a specific area in regular cycles. Percentage of more sufferers is only a weaker immune defense in certain seasons. Incidentally, people's immune systems in industrial regions are generally weaker than those in more remote areas. This explains the fact that so-called "flu illnesses" hardly occur in more remote areas. In Southeast Asia, the eastern parts of Russia, South America, Africa, the Himalayas and some other areas, the alleged flu is unknown. This also has something to do with the vaccinations, more on that later.


The so-called flu (influenza) is not what is publicly suggested. An example of the so-called Spanish flu, which has nothing to do with Spain at all. Immediately after World War I, a massive vaccination campaign was launched in the US, the largest in US history. Humans were injected with up to 20 different pathogens including various toxic ingredients, it was a direct human mass test and it should not be the only one. The consequences were devastating, the vaccinated showed various symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, fever, pneumonia, respiratory disorders, severe swelling of the lymphatic glands and many other symptoms. The doctors then injected other vaccines, in their helplessness, thereby killing many people. Of course, an alibi had to be made quickly before the world knew about it. Of course, they knew that the mass media would help, so they quickly referred to the entire, self-created, problem as Spanish flu.


That was the birth of the so-called flu pandemics, for the benefit of unimaginable profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

But even assuming that it comes from somewhere every year at about the same time (the viruses talk to each other) a large herd of viruses flown into the country. But then the question arises how can it be possible that one has allegedly, in good time before, produced a vaccine against these viruses. Have the viruses previously sent their business card by post?

We, the scientists at the Dayeng Foundation's Scientific Research Center, specialize in biology, in particular cellular biology, virology and immunology. Our research center, in collaboration with other international scientists, can clearly confirm that no specific flu viruses exist. These are "normal" viruses that cause various body reactions (even at the same time). The flu is an invention to generate profits. Viruses that cause a certain disease are always the same or belong to the same group such. As herpes viruses, measles viruses, etc., you can always identify them. Unlike the alleged flu, it is said, there are always different viruses that invade a region. Do you recognize this unscientific nonsense?


Maybe it's important to understand what viruses are. Viruses have been around our planet for a long time. Already our early ancestors were attacked by them, but their immune system was still functioning and the viruses were well repelled.


Viruses have to provide the function for natural selection. This means that only the humans, and incidentally also animals, which had a weak immune system usually did not survive a virus infection. The strong people with well-functioning immune systems had no problems coping with the virus, many did not feel the infection at all. That's the way nature is, it's special, it has nothing to do with evil, nature knows no good or evil, nature only knows logic. Similarly, this principle also works in the plant world, the strong survive, the weak die off, which ensures the natural selection.


In our industrial age, where profits are all about, healthy and strong immune systems no longer exist. This is particularly useful for the pharmaceutical industry to justify pharmaceuticals and vaccines. The World Health Organization assumes the role of Propaganda Minister for the pharmaceutical industry, after all WHO is funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Or did you think that the World Health Organization acts for the benefit of the people? Not at all. The WHO's mission is to spread pandemic panics on a regular basis so that the vaccines never stop, it's a billion dollar business. The problem with the many vaccinations, however, is that they are responsible for the diseases, because an already weakened immune system, which owns 96% of all people in industrialized countries, can not cope with the ingredients of Impfseren or difficult. So it is propagated, we need to vaccinate more and if possible under duress, as is already the case in some EU countries. Vaccination is a money printing machine for the pharmaceutical industry involving politics and the media. Everyone earns money.


The truth about dietary supplements and vitamin supplements

Vitamins are the holy water of the food industry. What comes in contact with them carries the aura of salvation. And we consumers are a trusting faith community. Almost every person in industrialized countries consumes more or less vitamin pills.

Probably in vain, because large studies with many thousands of subjects show that vitamin tablets and food additives do not improve health. In the best case they remain ineffective. In the worst case, they even increase the risk of developing cancer or other autoimmune diseases.

The wrong faith for these preparations dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. At that time it was known that diseases such as scurvy in seafarers could be cured with certain foods. For the first time, the idea came up that food supplies carbohydrates, fat and protein as well as "micronutrients".
But nature can not be tricked!

The Swiss historian of science, Beat Bächi, was looking for documents on the early days of vitamin production in the archive of the pharmaceutical company Hoffmann la Roche. He came across a planned campaign that fueled the belief in the miraculous power of the vitamins. When the company succeeded in synthesizing vitamin C in 1930, there was no idea what the new substance should be good for, as scurvy had become rare.

So the so-called propaganda department of the company unceremoniously invented a disease. Bächi found in the documents even a text passage with the statement that the company wanted to "make the majority of practical doctors from Vitaminungläubigen vitamin prescribers". However, this is only possible "if the doctor himself presents the patient with a new, invented disease", noted the then marketing strategists.

Their solution: The pathological vitamin C deficit ("vitamin C hypovitaminosis") was invented. This propaganda really did have a tremendous impact. Although a suboptimal supply of vitaminC did not exist before, the experts now warned against physical and mental fatigue, decreased performance, and decreased muscle strength when not enough vitamin C was circulating in the body.

At first, the logic of the disease inventors may sound convincing. In case of a blatant vitamin deficiency, the immune system weakens - why should not more vitamin C, in turn, upgrade the immune system against colds? However, one should know that vitamin C can not be stored by the organism. With the logic of the reverse conclusion, the other vitamins were impressed impressive effects. Because the cornea of the eye is stunted in an extreme deficiency supply of vitamin A, the substance got the reputation to be good for the eyes, but utter nonsense.

Health thanks to supplements, that sounds temptingly comfortable. "It was known that many people did not feed themselves optimally and thought that this could be compensated by added vitamins," says Ingrid Hoffmann from the Max Rubner Institute in Karlsruhe. But the laboratory physicians of the 1950s had underestimated the complexity of the human body.

When they began to examine in humans, and not just in the test tube as before, whether the artificially produced vitamins actually show the promised effects, expectations were disappointed. Isolated vitamin C does not protect most people from colds and synthetic vitamin has no effect.

In tablet form, vitamins C, E and A do not prevent cancer but even increase the risk. And extra B vitamins do not make you any smarter or protect you from heart disease or senile dementia. Recent research shows that over-dosage of B-vitamin can cause folic acid to cause cancer and impair the mental capacity of older people.

Nature can not be outsmarted!

Not only is it dangerous to consume synthetic vitamins, but apart from that, synthetic vitamins are also completely useless.

Most people are unaware that all of these so-called supplements contain only synthetic vitamins. The reason for this is that natural vitamins can not be preserved. But synthetic vitamins are not recognized by the organism, they do not have the necessary code and are thus not utilized by the organism. Nature can not be tricked! In addition, the additional chemical ingredients of dietary supplements deposit themselves in the cells and organs, gradually destroying the immune system with every subsequent consumption. So it was the opposite of what you wanted to achieve.

The only positive about nutritional supplements is the profit for the providers.

Vitamins are important. But the right and balanced mix makes it.
Unfortunately, there are people who make big profits with false promises.


Vitamin C

Achieving a vitamin C overdose beyond normal food intake is actually ruled out. The body does not automatically consume more vitamin C just because it is high-dose.

An overdose of vitamin C is not possible because excess vitamin C is excreted in the urine. However, kidneys can be sensitive to too much vitamin C in some people. The result may be that the body reacts with discomfort of the digestive tract and diarrhea. An overdose of vitamin C in chronic renal insufficiency can be critical. In case of renal hypofunction an overdose may also favor the formation of kidney stones. A healthy person needs an average of just over 100 microliters of vitamin C per day. Dietary supplements, however, are often so high-dose that they exceed these levels significantly and are therefore not only superfluous, but often even dangerous. Although vitamin C is essential for the immune system to work, it does not protect us from colds. This is a untrue myth.



Von Multivitaminpräparaten zur Vorbeugung von Erkältungen wird dringend abgeraten. Die Einnahme von hochdosierten Ergänzungsmitteln ist ineffektiv und oft sogar gefährlich. Vitamin-C-Tabletten und Zink können Erkältungen nicht verhindern oder den Verlauf der Krankheit verkürzen. Vitamine in der Ernährung sind völlig ausreichend und sie schmecken besser.


Vitamin B supplements

But there are other vitamin supplements available as a wonder drug, B12, B17 and so on.

Again and again there is talk of vitamin B17. Supposedly an active substance that kills cancerous tumors in the body. The alleged vitamin B17 from bitter apricot kernels was already referred to as a miracle cure for cancer in the 1970s. Both own studies and studies of other scientists have shown that vitamin B17 is completely ineffective against cancer. For example, bitter apricot kernels (vitamin B 17) can even lead to poisoning. The bitter substance amygdalin from the cores is converted in the body to hydrocyanic acid (cyanide), a poison that prevents the absorption of oxygen in the cells. As a result, the cells suffocate, which can eventually lead to death. First symptoms include nausea, headache and paralysis.


Vitamin D


At present, many vitamin D supplements are offered. However, it is played to humans something for the benefit of profits. There is no vitamin D as a sun vitamin in truth, that's just been called that way for a long time. It is an impulse of the sun that triggers the formation or activation of many hormones. By the early 1920s, British and American researchers had discovered that cod liver mixed into feed can protect dogs from bone softening and rickets. They had come across an unknown drug for rickets prevention and simply called it vitamin D after the fourth letter in the alphabet, because at that time no fourth vitamin was discovered. So it was just assumed that it was a vitamin. This substance apparently played an important role in the calcium metabolism.

The activation of many hormones by the sun is very important, but only by the sun. So-called vitamin D preparations are useless and often, by the chemical ingredients, very dangerous.

Conclusion: All these providers of vitamin supplements and so-called dietary supplements use an ancient desire of the people to make good profits. What do people want? A miracle cure that completely heals a disease. The idea of taking a single remedy, without any special effort, is naturally tempting. But that's not possible. You need to be prepared to do a little more to stay healthy or defeat a disease. All these miracle supplements can only do one thing, they fill the cash registers of the seller.