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Internationally awardedInternationally awarded

Nature helps

Location Clinic Therapy-Center:

Catagman, Garden City

Samal Island

Zip: 8119


Phone: +63 917 108 6089

Chief Doctor: Dr. Jonann Menser

Specialist in  Immunology, Cellular Biology, Virology

Nationality: Belgium

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Why do we treat our patients on Samal Island in the Philippines?

The reasons are many. The causes of most diseases are a weakened or destroyed immune system.

We would like to clarify this with an example. Imagine a river. For many years, toxins such as chemicals, metals and many other toxins have entered this river. The natural system of the river is thus significantly disturbed, the microorganisms die and the entire, natural system of the river collapses. In order to bring the river back to its natural balance, it is first necessary to stop the pour in of toxic substances, otherwise the system can not be regenerated.

The same is true of the human organism. In industry countries, therefore, treatment can not be successful. There is hardly any industry in the Philippines, the country is a service country. The air is clean, also the drinking water is free of chemicals, the special climate supports the healing process very much and the seawater is also helpful. In addition, very strong fruits and vegetables support the healing process, these fruits and vegetables exist exclusively in the Philippines.

Take a step to health and life, we like to treat you. Our treatment successes are almost 100%.