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The Dayeng Clinic

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The most successful treatments worldwide

The Dayeng Foundation was founded more than 30 years ago by Prof. dr. Dr. Lupus Dayeng founded.

How does our clinic differ from conventional clinics?

The Dayeng Foundation is a non-profit organization, which means that no profits are made. This means in detail that a financial conflict of interest does not arise and thus the patient takes the first place, without compromise.

Another crucial fact is that the Dayeng Foundation has its own independent research center. The research center consists of more than 200 physicians and scientists in many fields, including cellular biology, immunology, virology, neurology and many other specialist areas.

Due to the independence of industries and other interest groups, our research results do not produce expected and desired results, but actual ones.

For all our doctors the "Hippocratic Oath" is binding. Man is the focus and not a profit.


Our medical team consists of specialists in immunology, cellular biology, neurology, virology, pediatrics and other specialties. We treat autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, neurodermatitis, allergies, asthma, cardiovascular disease and much more with almost 100% treatment success.

Since the year 2001, the foundation of our clinic, we carry exactly statistics. Here are some treatment statistics.


We conduct research independently

Successful treatments are the result

From this intensive, independent, scientific research, our large treatment successes result.


Here you can see our treatment statistics:


cancercancerSuccessful cancer treatment

The cancer treatment success since 2001 is 98.8%

The Dayeng Foundation's cancer treatment is so successful because we have been researching causes for more than 30 years. Only if the causes of cancer are known can successful cancer treatment be achieved. Scientific, medical research is the prerequisite for our treatment success.


multiple sclerosismultiple sclerosisSuccessful treatment of multiple sclerosis

Treatment successes since 2001 amount to 97%

Multiple sclerosis is caused by disturbed and blocked neurons. Again, the research of the causes from most doctors is ignored. We rid the neurons of the external influences and regenerate the entire cell tissue. Multiple sclerosis disappears in 97% of patients.


neurodermatitisneurodermatitisSuccessful treatment of neurodermatitis / eczema

The treatment successes since 2001 amount to 98%

Neurodermatitis is caused by a disturbed immune system. Our medical team consists of specialists in cellular biology and immunology. We repair the immune system, so to speak, and the cells no longer cause any skin irritation; the patient is healed.


nerve systemnerve systemSuccessful treatment of other diseases of the nerve system

Treatment successes since 2001 amount to 94%

Many diseases are the result of disturbed nerve cells or nervous systems. We treat these disorders very successfully.


vaccine damagevaccine damageSuccessful treatment of vaccine damage

The treatment successes since 2001 amount to 97,8%

Our scientific team has studied vaccines and vaccinated children worldwide and we have written a research report that can be requested anytime. Since 2001 we treat children with mild to severe vaccine damage very successfully.


asthmaasthmaSuccessful treatment of asthma

Treatment successes since 2001 amount to 98.6%

Asthma is also a disease resulting from a disturbed immune system. In the treatment of asthma, we have achieved great success.


allergiesallergiesSuccessful treatment of allergies

The treatment successes since 2001 amount to 99.8%

Allergies are the result of a disturbed or weak immune system. The immune system interprets certain influences and stimuli incorrectly. We can fix these immune deficiencies and the patient will be free from allergies in the future.


Further successful treatments of our specialist team:


ParkinsonParkinsonSuccessful treatment of Parkinson's

Treatment successes since 2001 amount to 86%


epilepsyepilepsySuccessful treatment of epilepsy

The treatment successes since 2001 amount to 83%


cardiovascular diseasecardiovascular diseaseSuccessful treatment of cardiovascular disease

Treatment successes since 2001 amount to 97%


gastritisgastritisSuccessful treatment of gastritis

The treatment successes since 2001 amount to 92%


AIDSAIDSSuccessful treatment of AIDS

The treatment successes since 2001 amount to 100%


Autoimmune diseasesAutoimmune diseases


and many more diseases, please ask us.