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We, the doctors of the Dayeng Foundation have been successfully treating patients from all over the world since 2001. Many patients who come to us have already undergone a certain odyssey regarding their illness.


Why is this so? It is important to understand the functioning of health systems. Today's medicine has nothing to do with the medicine of the early days, which was about helping people with a health problem. The Hippocratic Oath dates back to this early period, and by the way, it is officially no longer valid in Europe today. This oath is no longer performed today, it was replaced by the so-called Geneva Declaration of the World Medical Association. The Hippocratic oath no longer has any legal significance today, especially in Europe.

Why? The so-called Geneva Declaration is formulated so that the medical profession is taken out of responsibility, one formulates this a little more skilfully in which one uses the word self-determination of the patient. What is meant is that the patient is now responsible, so the medical profession is out of responsibility. Since it is now called Declaration, it has no moral meaning more than oath. Today it is argued that this original, moral guideline is no longer needed for the medical profession. Well, today it is no longer a matter of conviction to help people, but rather, commerce has now found its way into medicine.

It has built a system that consists exclusively of profit-oriented companies, even a doctor today is a profit-oriented small business. Hospitals, universities, counseling centers, pharmacies, etc. and of course the pharmaceutical industry that controls everything, everything is commercial. Nobody, from this system, can therefore put themselves at the service of mankind, as the Hippocratic oath says.

Therefore, the will of the doctors to help people to get well, no longer exists and wwurde exchanged in a profit interest. Therefore, no doctor, from this system, performs more a correct anamnesis, he can not, because time is money and profits come first.

We, the doctors and scientists of the Dayeng Foundation have freed us from this system because we have not exchanged our conscience for profit.

Therefore, you can be sure that you are the center of attention, we want you to get well. Therefore, our clinic has a limited capacity, we take the time for our patents, a mass processing is therefore out of the question for us.


This is the so-called Aesculapius, symbolizing healing medicine and the medical profession acting in the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath, as it used to be.


This sign has nothing to do with health and is a delusion. It is the sign of Hermes and represents commerce today. You can find this symbol on almost all pharmaceutical packaging.