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We welcome you to the websites of the Dayeng Foundation.

The Dayeng Foundation is a non-profit organization with hundreds, affiliated, international and above all independent scientists and medical specialists. Our clinic is not profit-oriented, our philosophy is different. We are classic doctors with the ambition to help. Our attention is focused on the fight against causes and not only the fight against symptoms.


The most successful cancer treatments

The most successful treatments for cancer, multiple sclerosis, allergies, atopic dermatitis, asthma, all autoimmune diseases and other diseases.


Especially our cancer treatments are currently the most successful worldwide. The reason for this is intensive, scientific research and highly qualified doctors, specialists in cellular biology, immunology, neurology and other specialists.

Successful cancer treatments can not be realized by standardized pharmaceuticals. This also applies to our treatments for autoimmune diseases and other diseases.

See what our patients write here.


Is cancer curable?

The answer is yes. Since 2001, when our clinic was founded, we were able to rid 99.7% of our patients of the disease. This has nothing to do with magic or miracles, the basis for these successes is intensive, independent, scientific research.

Why these scientific findings are not taken over by conventional clinics and doctors? Because, traditional clinics are profit-driven companies that need to generate profits, as does the pharmaceutical industry.

Knowledge should create knowledge. But you can only create knowledge if you do research independently of interest groups.

But also in many other so-called civilization diseases such as multiple sclerosis, allergies, epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases, atopic dermatitis and others, our treatment successes are extraordinarily high.

Our former patients will gladly confirm it.


The Dayeng Foundation's scientific research center and other affiliated international research centers are the only ones in the world to do intensive cause research. On the contrary, especially the research institutes that work through debt financing are only researching alleged remedies for diseases, but these institutes do not conduct any cause research. But only knowledge of the causes can successfully cure a disease such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, asthma, etc. A so-called remedy has never existed and will never exist unless the causes are eliminated.


But the cancer research? A fake! So-called cancer research institutes are not researching the causes of cancer, they are researching new pharmaceuticals, which do not help those affected but rather exclusively the industry. Nearly 100 years of cancer research, but cancer continues to increase. How does it fit together?


Stop the path of deceit and lies, the Dayeng Foundation knows the causes of the so-called civilization diseases and we eliminate them. That sounds easy? Basically, you just have to stop trusting a profit-driven industry. We are happy to help you, have a look at our treatment success. We work for people, not for profits!